Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Meanwhile ...

It's that time of year; our sometimes-semi-annual blog entry so you can delve into our exciting lives. 

Let's catch up, shall we?

After months of looking at the big dirt patch that was our back yard we finally got some new drainage and landscaping done. 

And thank you, Great Clips. I got another non-descript haircut and am now starting to look like the old guy on the Quaker Oats logo. Witness:  

Meanwhile ...

Laurie Ashbourne (our producing partner for Midnight Swing!) has a deliciously creepy Halloween tale set for release in October 2020. Eli Roth is set to direct.

Micky Shiloah and I have determined we are slightly insane (and realistically, possibly brain-damaged) to still want to be in this business. And so we are developing a millennial musical comedy based on one of his songs that I strongly feel should be a showstopper on Broadway. But no. He wants a movie musical feature. And I'm nuts enough to go along with it. But I love this song so much. And he's an all-around good dude, too. 

My one and only Neal has been gigging with Columbus Soul and Salvage and The Neal Show bands. Each are of different ilks. Both are a romping good time. 

But our biggest news! We captured (then adopted) two feral cats that were born under a dumpster in downtown Columbus. If anyone wants details on how to capture a feral at night in wintry sleet and rain, please let me talk you out of it. Here are our boys, Bug and Hopper. Once malnourished and near freezing they are now fat and sassy. To our knowledge, they are the only survivors of their 6-kitty litter.

It took 8 months of cat scratches and real work to get them to this point. 
They're happily getting more accustomed to life with us as we roll along. 

And finally, a huge shout out to Laurie and Micky for taking Midnight Swing to the AFM this year -- and a special tip of the hat to Micky for submitting a video pitch -- then getting selected to pitch in front of the AFM Pitch Conference panel AND a packed house at the Fairmont Hotel. We are still engaged with follow-ups at the time of this entry. Stay tuned to see where we are in another few months!

Until then, be well, be happy, and live a good a life.

Addendum: Because I work at a library I thought I would share a few titles of books I've read this past year and highly recommend. They are not necessarily "new" books. 

1. Arctic Solitaire: A Boat, A Bay, and the Quest for the Perfect Bear by Paul Souders is a true story; riveting and hilarious. I could not get enough of this book. I'm not fond of the cold but this seriously made me want to head off to Alaska. 

2. Beartown: A Novel by Fredrik Backman. It's like Friday Night Lights - only with ice hocky. And crime. It's a brilliant page-turner. 

3. American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West by Nate Blakeslee may very well change your life. I was profoundly moved by this fascinating story and am ready for another trek out to Yellowstone because of it. 

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