Saturday, February 2, 2019

Scripts and Greens

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled posting to share this zesty, kick-ass Southwest Corn Salad with you.

But if you really, really, truly want to know what else has been going on with our Hollywood dabblings, kick back and relax for a 60-second read.

1. I spent a lovely week speaking with Bohemia Group about Midnight Swing after they read it, "flipped for it" (their words) and and got me on the phone. We talked development stuff: characters, story threads, other sexy stuff. 

In the end, they struggled for 2 days before they decided to pass on our little swing-era confection. 

I indulged in a whole row of Nutter Butters to take the sting out of that one.

2. Another co has asked to read Blood Land. That was 2 weeks ago. Insert CRICKETS CHIRPING here. 

3. If you visit imdbPro you will see that the uber-talented Ron Mason (Avengers: Infinity War) and Vanessa Nirode (Boardwalk Empire) are officially listed as part of the Midnight Swing team:  -- so at least we know the cast will be dressed to the nines and the art direction will be spectacular. 

We promise if we get funding that the craft services will consist of more than Funyuns and Twizzlers. Maybe we'll add this most excellent Southwest Corn Salad to the mix. Would you like that? Would you?