Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What's cooking at Pretty Egg?

We entertained a niece for the summer

lost our swimming pool (first world problems, so sad)

battled termites

and entered into a screenwriting collaboration with the talented Mr. Sean Brosnan.

Sean's feature film, My Father Die, has been collecting electric reviews and distribution so we're excited about this new endeavor. You can see the trailer for My Father Die at various places on the web, or right here:


,,, but be warned; there is plenty of adult content so this is not for the weak of heart,

Keeping with the dark side, we're happy to report that our screenplay,  Scared to Death,  is under option with 523 Productions. They're looking at a shoot in Massachusetts sometime next Spring/Summer.

All this darkness! Is there anything sugary and light about us?

There is indeed! While horror is not my cup of tea I strive as a writer to create great content no matter what the genre. I'm a true Mary Poppins by nature and love puppies and kitties way more than slaughter fests. My screenplay for  Raining Cats  placed in the finals (top 10) of this year's StoryPros Screenwriting Competition.

If only the world wanted such a story. Sigh.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sugar and Love for Raining Cats!

Well! The excitement never ends around here at Pretty Egg Productions.

Today, we got flu shots!

An hour later I got a haircut ... so I can continue to look like a deranged version of Buster Brown.


In other news, we received an option offer on the thriller Scared to Death, 523 Productions and Laura Willoughby producing.  They may not have a budget yet but they do have a little press popping up in some interesting places.



Scary stories aside, we also have a little sugar and love from a few contests for the screenplay "Raining Cats."  Funny, everyone wants the mean thrillers - but we hold out hope for this little tale about a girl and her many cat rescues. It seems the world could use more of this kind of story right now. 

Midnight Swing updates include a request from reps for Director Michael Caton Jones (This Boy's Life, Rob Roy). We're told he's about to start shooting so no idea when we may hear back -- but the stars seem a little brighter here in Ohio tonight.

Stay tuned for more ..

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Loss, Life ... and a few options

As always, the months fly by.

What's been going on with us here at Pretty Egg Productions?

In a nut shell:

... and a few options.

We were also giddily surprised when our short movie
 "Shadow of the Witch" received a few accolades at the Homemade Horror Festival.

Official Selection and 3rd Place in the
Homemade Horror Short Film Festival

Our very own Brooke Mason won Best Actress
for MOFA's Three Weeks of Terror competition -- and
she was up against some very seasoned pros!

In other news, a new website for Midnight Swing was built by our most excellent producing partner, Laurie Ashbourne.

... and a bit of development on Blood Land, currently under option with Knight Marcher Studios. The good folks at Knight Marcher also had their first baby -- born a few hours after we signed the option! They recently debuted their feature My Father Die to fab reviews at SXSW.  

Variety also did a nice write-up on it all.  

Sweet! I think we're in good hands!