Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's a life

A madcap couple of months.

  • Still in development with Anova Pictures for the "Americanization" of our thriller script.
  • Still reshaping the Midnight Swing package.
  • No word from undisclosed co on the undisclosed title they hired me to write.

What does this piece of art have to do with anything?

We have plunged into a dark, cold winter ...

It's only November ...

I need something cheery to look at.


  1. Well, my siren of the cinema --- it's about time you updated your blog!!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    (The last Turkey Day party I attended had a swan sculpted out of butter surrounded by Goldfish crackers. Sound familiar, my pet?) x o x o

    1. Indeedy it does! By chance, was your Turkey Day party hosted by the good people at Fade In Screenwriting? They're the ones who hosted the soiree at Paramount where I had the encounter with the giant butter swan (from post: 10 Nails and a Pitch). I thought maybe it was a West coast thing. Apparently, butter swans are all the rage no matter where you are.

      Except for those of us in Cowtown. We have butter sculptures at our state fair ... but sadly, we are not en vogue enough for swans. We get butter cows ... and cakes. I don't know how to post a pic in the reply area so will add one to my blog especially for you :) xoxo from my corner of the world and a very happy Thanksgiving Day to you, too.

    2. Deb my diva of all things divine:
      No doubt you know that Paramount Pictures was the studio who signed Mae West in 1932. They gave her "a coffee and cakes" contract and allowed her to have 3 or 4 short scenes in a vehicle made for George Raft -- "Night After Night" (1932). Except for the scenes Mae did, the movie was a total flop -- and only Mae's vibrant dialogue is memorable. George Raft told the news media: "Mae stole everything but the cameras."
      A good lesson for all of us on how to take a tiny opportunity and transform it!

    3. Deb, I tried to post my feedback on "A Cow for Mae West" -- and it refused to take my comment, so here it is . . . .
      The cow-made-of-butter photo is too mooo-ving for words!
      Thanks for posting the link to my Mae West Blog.
      You're a swell dame, Deb.