Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A writer gets whipped

JANUARY 2014 - MARCH 2014

We are lonely. 

We are lumpy and pale from a long, hard winter.

We are stressed and broken-hearted.

Why? Because we need a nap.

And we're Ohioans.

We are also in development with Anova Pictures for our script Blood Land.


Another round at the AFM.  I got royally whipped in the room on my last pitch by a company
whose name rhymes with Shinception Shilm. 20 seconds in and I got mowed down with
“you’re losing us, you’re losing us, you’re losing us.”

Hello? If you would give writers the courtesy of finishing their first sentence
you might discover that you rather like the story.

I shook their hands, thanked them and told them I learned a lot from our meeting.

That script is an Academy Nicholl Fellowship quarterfinalist
and is now under option with Knight Marcher Studios, Sean Brosnan directing

Neal was smarter.  He stayed home. 

Would you like to see our ARCHIVES? 

Maybe your name is hidden there somewhere!



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