Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Easter, dammit

What a grand April. There is much excitement in the air.

I received a bag of Easter candy!!!!


In other news, Raining Cats is currently a semi-finalist in the Screen Craft competition. 

I was also hired to pen a 5-hanky, tear-jerker screenplay.  This will be an adaptation from a book. The producer hopes to tap into the Lifetime and Hallmark crowds with this one, so we'll see how that pans out. (My sugary-sweet script for Raining Cats was too brutal for Hallmark, so this one will be doused in sweetness with a cherry on top. Can I do it?? Can I be that nice?? I'm posting pics of bunny rabbit cakes so think I have it in me.)

Also in development on the thriller Blood Land w a company who has not yet made a public announcement. We're taking a perfectly solid script that placed in the 2013 Nicholl fellowship quarter-finals and adding baby animals, super-hot car chases, a Chinese-American mafia, Russian American mafia -- and the sexy American who ends up saving the day. It's typical Hollywood. And I'm selling out to get a toe in the door. If you would have asked me to do this to my scripts just 10 years ago I would have stood my ground and fought for originality and integrity. But I'm 10 years older, 10 times more jaded and need naps. You will find me slicing and dicing well into the witching hour for the next several weeks. 

If I were writing this on paper you would see my tear stains. But let me lick my wounds and enjoy being jaded. 

I need to send a special thanks to Ms. Keli Kittinger for helping to set up our fabulous Midnight Swing twitter account. It's in its infancy. But the few peeps who like it really love it. Of course one of those peeps is me. 

It's a life.

Thanks also goes out to Don, Nolan, Chadwick, Micky, Yin, Lily, Shellie, Steven, Kurt and Evy for their support last month on a creative and marketing endeavor.

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