Monday, September 28, 2015

Kids and Hatchets: an unlikely duo

Where has our summer gone?

It was spent learning Humility. 

Yes, Humility w a capital H.

Witness our cheezoid poster for a cheesier movie that doesn't quite work:

But we lick our wounds and move on
(although we kinda like the poster).

On a happier note, the summer was fruitful in other ways.  We indulged in a super fun day of shooting the boys in the band; a sizzle reel for Midnight Swing!

We are now in production on a scary short that involves little kids and hatchets, lots of creepy FX and other fun things. Stay tuned for a few bloody good pics!

Finally, we signed with the lovely Knight Marcher Studios for our action/thriller "Blood Land" -- a Nicholl Fellowship quarter-finalist. Sean and Sanja Brosnan producing.

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