Sunday, May 1, 2016

Loss, Life ... and a few options

As always, the months fly by.

What's been going on with us here at Pretty Egg Productions?

In a nut shell:

... and a few options.

We were also giddily surprised when our short movie
 "Shadow of the Witch" received a few accolades at the Homemade Horror Festival.

Official Selection and 3rd Place in the
Homemade Horror Short Film Festival

Our very own Brooke Mason won Best Actress
for MOFA's Three Weeks of Terror competition -- and
she was up against some very seasoned pros!

In other news, a new website for Midnight Swing was built by our most excellent producing partner, Laurie Ashbourne.

... and a bit of development on Blood Land, currently under option with Knight Marcher Studios. The good folks at Knight Marcher also had their first baby -- born a few hours after we signed the option! They recently debuted their feature My Father Die to fab reviews at SXSW.  

Variety also did a nice write-up on it all.  

Sweet! I think we're in good hands!

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