Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What's cooking at Pretty Egg?

We entertained a niece for the summer

lost our swimming pool (first world problems, so sad)

battled termites

and entered into a screenwriting collaboration with the talented Mr. Sean Brosnan.

Sean's feature film, My Father Die, has been collecting electric reviews and distribution so we're excited about this new endeavor. You can see the trailer for My Father Die at various places on the web, or right here:


,,, but be warned; there is plenty of adult content so this is not for the weak of heart,

Keeping with the dark side, we're happy to report that our screenplay,  Scared to Death,  is under option with 523 Productions. They're looking at a shoot in Massachusetts sometime next Spring/Summer.

All this darkness! Is there anything sugary and light about us?

There is indeed! While horror is not my cup of tea I strive as a writer to create great content no matter what the genre. I'm a true Mary Poppins by nature and love puppies and kitties way more than slaughter fests. My screenplay for  Raining Cats  placed in the finals (top 10) of this year's StoryPros Screenwriting Competition.

If only the world wanted such a story. Sigh.

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