Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sugar and Love for Raining Cats!

Well! The excitement never ends around here at Pretty Egg Productions.

Today, we got flu shots!

An hour later I got a haircut ... so I can continue to look like a deranged version of Buster Brown.


In other news, we received an option offer on the thriller Scared to Death, 523 Productions and Laura Willoughby producing.  They may not have a budget yet but they do have a little press popping up in some interesting places.

Scary stories aside, we also have a little sugar and love from a few contests for the screenplay "Raining Cats."  Funny, everyone wants the mean thrillers - but we hold out hope for this little tale about a girl and her many cat rescues. It seems the world could use more of this kind of story right now. 

Midnight Swing updates include a request from reps for Director Michael Caton Jones (This Boy's Life, Rob Roy). We're told he's about to start shooting so no idea when we may hear back -- but the stars seem a little brighter here in Ohio tonight.

Stay tuned for more ..

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